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Other extreme is a strong attachment of men to the father. All behavior and vital style of such man will be corresponds to an internal image of the imperious father. In that case the woman for it pales into insignificance, he seeks to reach as it is possible bigger in life, but not for the sake of it, and for the sake of "the internal father". Thus, all it externally, perhaps, the altruistic behavior, is actually determined by instructions of "the internal father".

Fromm, as well as Anna Freud discussed above speaks about possibility of the solution of own problems via the projection mechanism when the subject instead of realizing himself, starts equipping life of another, to take active part in its problems. Externally, as already we noticed, it can be altruistic behavior, however its motivational mechanism is rather connected with egoistical aspirations.

The appeal to pity. "You have to love me because I suffer and is helpless". This strategy gets out, according to the author, in that case when the person is convinced of impossibility to receive some other way.

Thus, according to Anna Freud, at a certain type of development of structures of the Ego and Super-Ego, such forms of behavior which externally look altruistically, however mechanisms which cause it are possible, are rather selfish. On its expression, "in such cases egoism and altruism can mix up in the most various proportions". So, parents, bringing up the child, sometimes impose them own unrealized vital plans, and it is very difficult to tell that moves them more - altruistic or egoistical motives.