From An Idea To Outline Your Novel Part 1

From an idea to outline your novel part 1

For realization of the beer made by my enterprise, I consider expedient as the organization of the 2nd-level sales channel, i.e. network of wholesale and retail intermediaries, and formation of an own distribution network.

According to Maslou, allocate the following five basic needs, located in decreasing order of their importance: physiological requirements, need for safety, need for communication, requirement to be demanded society, and need for realization own "I".

The main means of STIS is the reminding, supporting and prestigious advertizing. Advertizing means – the same. The method of lotteries with use of firm covers by which bottles are closed will also be applied to sales promotion.

According to the principles of marketing before to organize production of any goods, it is necessary to find out, whether it will be bought in the market. For this purpose it is necessary to define needs of end users.

FOS addresses to not informed consumer with the purpose to acquaint him with goods and to create demand for these goods. A problem of STIS is motivation of buyers to purchase of bigger quantity of goods.

Methods of advance (Demand creation and sales promotion) is activities of firm for distribution of data on advantages of the goods and belief of target consumers it to buy. The demand creation and sales promotion purpose – increase in demand or its preservation at the former level.

As for potential buyers of beer as it will be slightly more expensive, than domestic analogs, will buy it generally to Luda well-founded or with the average level of the income. Therefore the greatest number of potential buyers is concentrated in the large cities, first of all in Minsk. Therefore as I consider, it is most expedient to construct plant on production of beer in Minsk.

For sale of the goods developed in my commercial project I consider it expedient to choose penetration strategy which assumes to sell goods at low price at the beginning to attract buyers, and then gradually to raise the price as buyers get used to my production and to give it the preference.

The goods are a set of the products or services offered to sale. In our case goods is the quality beer poured in bottles of dark color for the purpose of increase in its period of storage and preservation of its tastes. On bottles attractive color labels with use of an optimum combination of flowers are pasted that at once draws attention of consumers. Bottles are closed special firm covers on which the trademark of firm is displayed. The range of goods includes: beer easy (containing 4,5% alcohol and strong (alcohol, the beer containing not less than 7,6% light and dark.