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In each separate case the indicators of the overall economic efficiency of expenses received as a result of calculations with standards and similar indicators for the period, and also with indicators of efficiency of a of other enterprises and firms.

Performance level of work serves as the generalizing criterion of an economic of the work spent at the previous stages of a social production and substantiated in raw materials,, fuel, energy, instruments of labor.

Today the given subject is actual more than ever. The destiny of the state now in our hands, and to us to solve how to bring the country out of deep crisis and to raise level of production at least to former level. How to reach it?

Belarus entered the period of formation of market. The market economy on the essence is the means stimulating the labor productivity growth, an every possible of production efficiency. However and in these conditions definition of the main directions of increase of production efficiency, factors of its growth, efficiency methods is important.

The most rational forms of reproduction of fixed assets - modernization and reconstruction of the enterprises. At calculation of efficiency of costs of these purposes in quality of additional indicators are applied release working and economy of material and fuel and energy resources. At the same time calculations of an of costs of new construction at expansion of the enterprises are carried out in obligatory for a with efficiency of modernization and a of the operating enterprises. Thus all volume of expenses, including costs of creation of objects of social infrastructure is considered. Also losses in time on a with modernization and reconstruction of the enterprises are considered. Social consequences of on new construction or expansion of the enterprises, among which improvement and simplification of of work, prevention of environmental pollution, etc. are estimated.

ยท Labor input of production - size, the return to an indicator of productivity live, work, is defined as the relation of number of the work spent in the sphere of a material to the total amount of the made production: