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Availability is defined by number of the people capable at least once during an advertizing campaign to receive the message. Publicity expenses will increase if the hotel is faced by the purpose considerably to raise the availability level as additional mass media and consequently, and production of additional commercials for this purpose will be required.

The firm suitcase label has some other value. Its main appointment to specify accessory of hand luggage to the owner and a place of delivery of things at placement in the room of the hotel or when sending them. Therefore on a hotel label the name of hotel is specified, the place for introduction of marks, records is left; it has to be rather convenient for its attachment to the handle of a suitcase (bag). The suitcase label is not a souvenir therefore does not need special decorating.

In hotels of high grades of service (hotels luxury) there are stewards who begin the work in the second half of day. Providing each number with fresh towels, giving to number of an elegant look, and also installation of the cleaned bed belongs to duties of stewards. It is tradition for hotels of the highest class in America which is strictly observed.

So, in some hotels in bathrooms of inhabited numbers there are special packages with drawing and an inscription "For linen" in which the living put linen for washing. The washed linen is also returned in special packages where put the account.

At placement it is necessary to coordinate once again conditions of preliminary booking (category of number, existence of conveniences, a type of payment, the price, stay term, estimated date of departure, etc.). If the guest needs to fill in the questionnaire, it is necessary to make this procedure short. For example, if the guest already happened in this hotel, there is enough only his signature on the questionnaire (means that information on the guest is kept since his first stay in hotels.

The special hotel reservation has to be given to advertizing of paid and free services. For this purpose light stands with names of services and added with their symbolical image clear to everyone, and also photostands with the corresponding signatures are most often used.

Process of the current cleaning consists of airing of the room, cleaning and washing of ware, cleaning of beds, a bedside table, a table, removal of dust, cleaning of a bathroom. Check of safety of the equipment of number also belongs to the maid's duties.

The external and sound content of advertizing is carefully thought over and has to meet the best standards of advertizing production. The colourful, illustrated, unusual advertizing has more than chances to remain in memory of the potential client, than with advertizing gray and empty.

Show-windows - exhibitions of advertizing printing editions which show guests the sights of the city, with art of theaters, museums, exhibitions, art galleries have success. It is necessary to involve artists to improvement of registration of hotel advertizing and designers.

At once after placement of the guest in hotel the settlement part opens the account on his name. Usually the guest uses services of various services of hotel, showing the card or calling number of the room. These services submit data on the guest's expenses to settlement part which includes them in joint account. At the end of stay of the guest the settlement part pays off with it and informs on it all hotel services.

Defines, what type of advertizing will be used and on what segment of the market will be calculated, the marketing plan. It is very important point as the advertizing directed not on target audience, and on audience in general will have the smallest result.

The booklet (from fr. buckle - a ringlet, - the edition printed on one leaf which is folded (develops) parallel bends in the form of the brochure so it can be read and be considered without cutting, revealing shirmoobrazno.

Internal (mute) advertizing has to fit first of all into a room interior, supplement its esthetics. Here different types of advertizing can be used: wall, suspended, floor and desktop.